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Vita Student Property, United Kingdom

Vita Student is an award-winning UK student property brand created by Select Property Group. A proven investment, it has been delivering strong returns for investors, and high satisfaction to its tenants, since 2012.

Vita Students: Investment Overview

4642 units all in operation, fully managed and generating leading returns
2989 future units in the pipeline in a variety of leading locations
GBP 1.16 Billion combined value of Vita Student Portfolio
Fully furnished and fully managed
Guaranteed Rental Income
GBP 4.0 Billion investments made into the student accommodation sector in 2017 (27% year on year rise)
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    Why Invest In Vita Student, UK

    Around the world, the UK is widely known for the quality of its universities. But in 2012, Select Property Group identified that there was a problem. While international students have always paid high rents for student property in the UK, traditional British student property was often of poor quality. British students, too, are looking to live in better quality accomodation. The growing numbers of students in the UK demanded change.

    The best locations. The finest-quality apartments. Industry-leading service. Unlike anything else in the UK, Vita Student is the brand that students want to live with yearafter-year. The result is an investment that will continuously generate high returns for you.

    Why Invest In Vita Students?

    The finest student communal facilities in the UK, including state-of-the-art gyms and cinema rooms
    • Innovation is the key to the ongoing success of the brand, helping us to continue leading the market e.g. new developments with revolutionary tiered cinema rooms
    Guaranteed Rental Returns and average re-sell period of 2-8 weeks with premium
    Properties in cities with high demand and low supply provide the highest yields and the potential of strong long-term capital growth

    Not only can you invest in a proven and established brand, but with Vita Student you can also receive full post-investment support through the Select Property Group Brokerage. Stay up to date with construction progress. Be informed about the ongoing performance of your investment. Get exclusive access to our resales market.