UAE Investment & Residency Visa on Real Estate purchases above 1.0 MIL AED

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Dear investors hope you are all well and this email finds you fully refreshed in whichever industry you are in.

82% of all of our sales in the last 5 years have been to international investors. There is a multitude of reasons for that, not least being we are Emaar’s leading international Alliance partner, but one of the main reasons is the residency visa and the access this gives to the UAE banking system. 

There are lots of misconceptions regarding this path to residency so I thought I would explain everything in full so you can use it and apply it how you see fit.

The Taskeen Program is the investment program that allows investors to register for residency when they purchase a property equivalent or exceeding the value of 1 MILLION AED (1,000,000 AED). The service provided is a straightforward one but it is important to understand all of the details when looking to gain residency through this means.

The requirements are as follows:

  • The property must be owned by the applicant, be residential so a flat or a villa and finally the title deed be issued by the Dubai Land Department.
  • Property location MUST be in a freehold area
  • Property value MUST be at 1 million AED or above
  • If the investor wishes to mortgage the property, 50% of the property must be paid as you are required to provide a loan statement from the bank and NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) to apply for the investment visa.
  • the property must be on an extended lease of 99 years. It must be fully purchased indefinitely.

Investment Visa Documentation Requirments:

  • Passport and Title Deed Copy
  • Copy of current visa
  • Personal Photo size 6×4
  • The investor must obtain a Good Conduct Certificate (GCC) from the General Department of Criminal Investigations at the Dubai Police Headquarters.
  • If the investor has mortgaged the property a NOC is needed from the bank provider. The NOC MUST be in Arabic and attached to a stamped statement from the bank for the loan.
  • Once all of the above has been completed. The investor will apply and submit all documents to the Real Estate Investment Promotion and Management Center customer service department. Once submitted the investor will receive an SMS within 3-10 working days stating an initial approval. If you do not receive an SMS within 10 working days you are required to visit the Dubai Land Department.
  • After the initial approval, the investor is required to pay 8420 AED for the residence license. Once completed the investor should check back with the Real Estate Investment Promotion and Management Center after 3 working days and bring the original title deed to link it with the residence license.
  • Once complete the Real Estate Investment Promotion and Management Center will transfer the application to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. This department is located within the Dubai Land Department on the Second Floor. Here they will type the full visa application and issue a permit of entry.
  • The Residency Visa is valid for TWO YEARS and is renewable thereafter. There is NO CAP on the number of times an investor can renew the VISA.
  • The investor can also apply for residency for their spouse and children
  • Access to the UAE banking system with this Residency Visa
  • In case the investor is not in the country to complete the above and Power Of Attorney can be provided. It should be mentioned in the POA statement that they are wanted to ‘complete the visa process’.
  • The investor is NOT eligible to work on the Investment Visa if you are wanting to work this visa would be cancelled and then a new working visa would be issued.

Taskeen Fees:

  1. Application fee: 954 AED
  2. Application completion fee after approval 14517 AED 
  3. If the investor is over the age of 65 the completion fee is 19084 AED

Lets Talk:

Post-handover payment terms will not last forever if you are thinking of purchasing there has never been a better time. We are due to send out an exclusive offer on BLuewaters with Meraas and have a collection of units just above the 1.0 million AED mark if the visa is of interest.

Drop me an email on my personal email and I will work with you on any requirements that you may have.


Samuel Dawson
(Managing Director)
UK Dial +447595715264
UAE (Whatts App) +971551479618

1.0 MIL AED properties:

We currently have a collection of Emaar properties, UAE’s most reputable and largest developer, that fall just above the 1.0 Mil AED category that would be available to gain a VISA from.

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