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Off Plan Property Investment In Dubai

Off Plan Dubai specialise in identifying wealth-building opportunities in Dubai through smart, safe and secure off plan property investments.

Why investors are investing in the Dubai property market?

Dubai off plan projects experience strong capital growth along with high cash flow income. The rental yields are generally far higher than other major cities across the globe. Dubai is regarded as the easiest place in the world to purchase real estate. From booking a unit to it being registered in the buyer’s name, this can take as little as 20 minutes. This makes it extremely appealing to international investors.

Medical Facilities

Having world class medical facilities in your development is strong indication of external investment.


Education is crucial, world class schools facilities will impact the appreciation amount for any future sale.


Dubai is an international business hub, a central gateway between West & East.

Sports Facilitites

Lifestyle and fitness is now more important than ever. Most off-plan develolments are built with an active lifestyle in mind.

Work Promoximity

Being close to dense areas of employment will always increase Yields and potential rental pool.

Hotel Buildings

Invest in Hotel Apartments which can offer guaranteed returns and stress free rentals.

Future Business

Foresee the future and be close to airports, expo sites and other leading attractions. The Dubai infastructure is growing.


Chose the perfect family home whilst securing your money in something that will appreciate.