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Part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Dubai Hills Estate is Emaar’s flagship Master Community


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Dubai Hills Estate Investment Guide

Dubai Hills Estate is a lifestyle destination built for sustainable living and is a flagship master community currently in development by Emaar. It has a range of Townhouses, Villas, Apartments and Luxury Villas. It offers several apartments that vary in size which can be purchased both as an investment and for an end-user.

Set on prime land, spanning over 11 million sq metres, this master plan features vast stretches of landscaped parks and gardens, winding walkways, and extensive open areas. A rejuvenating getaway in the heart of the city, it has elegantly designed neighbourhoods set around an 18-hole championship golf course.

“Envisaged as a premium lifestyle community, properties within the Dubai Hills Estate offer buyers a fantastic investment over time. The first handovers have been met with a fantastic response from the homeowners and we look forward to helping many other happy families and investors.” – Samuel Dawson (Off Plan Dubai)

The stylish Dubai Hills gated villa community in the project offers customers the opportunity to design their own luxurious homes.

Dubai Hills Estate with its attractive payment plans, impeccable design plans and the backing of the best developer in the world point to high potential financial opportunities for the astute investors.

  • Only Villa community in Dubai with a mall within walking distance, Dubai Hills Estate Mall is slightly bigger than the Mall of the Emirates.
  • Large central park lined with residential apartment investment options for the highest standard of family and lifestyle living.
  • 4 Schools (Two already completed and open)
  • Championship Golf Course
  • Many kilometres of natural trails and bike tracks.
  • Rail and Metro link (fully approved by the RTA)
  • Fantastic central location perfectly splits Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai
  • High Rental Yields
  • Significant Capital Growth Options.

With our investors, wherever possible, we always try and to arrange a meeting in the beautifully designed and curated sales center. Here the project is brought to life and helps investors and end-users visualise the project and get a feel of how the project is set to light up and improve residential, luxury real estate options in Dubai.

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Mulberry & Acacia: The first two residential launches, sold out within 24 hours of launch with investors queuing overnight to source units. Larger units with an unrivalled location on the central park, these were options for the end-user. The price point for a nice, spacious unit was very similar to the Maple townhouses, so when advising investors it was always a case of the personal preference as to whether they would prefer a large apartment or a townhouse. Apartments generally provide a higher yield and command a more prominent location within the master-community whilst gaining instant access to facilities as they are lined within the residential blocks themselves.

Acacia and Mulberry are now handed over and on the link below we have updated the page to show a Virtual Reality tour of a lovely two-bedroom apartment within Acacia. We would advise Acacia and Mulberry for end-users predominantly, there are in our opinion a couple of better options if you are looking for a sole investment.

Acacia & Mulberry information

Park Point & Park Heights: The next collection of releases from Emaar came in the form of Park Point & Heights. Luxury residential options with slightly smaller sizes focusing on a fantastic price point for investors to benefit from extremely high rental yields and room for significant Capital Growth. Park Point and Park Heights were the first launches located on Dubai Hills Estate boulevard, they have the best view of the Downtown Skyline so for investment a nice unit with the full Downtown backdrop will perform well in viewings and future sales.

Park Heights and Park Point have all of the amenities you could wish for with a dedicated, heated children’s pool and a larger infinity-edge pool for the adults. There is a gymnasium and the first slight venture into co-working areas and community hubs. This does feature more prominently in the later launches though.

Park Heights was also the first section of Dubai Hills to have a confirmed commercial tower, so for rental yields, employees wanting to live and work within the same complex could provide a unique angle into maximising rental yield and appreciation.

We have a virtual reality tour of a two-bedroom within Park Point and Park Heights

Park Point information

Park Heights information

Park Ridge: Park Ridge consists of 3 buildings on a shared podium that are floor to ceiling glass and again aimed at investors and end-users. The building is architecturally stunning and the new designs Emaar have taken and the design direction far outreaches the ambitions of all competitors. In our opinion, the one-bedrooms around 930K and the two bedrooms at 1.3 Mil AED are as strong as an investment as there is Dubai Hills Estate.

The location stands front and center on the Dubai Hills Estate Park which is going to be the social, focal hub of the community and where all weekend activities and the majority of the larger amenities will lie. Park Ridge is going to have some of the nicest community views and will be a leading player in terms of location. For investment, if you are looking to keep the price point down and the yield as strong as possible then this is most definitely an option to consider.

Park Ridge information

Collective: Emaar are always pushing boundaries, Collective is an investment option that on handover will attract young professionals due to common communal areas and meeting hubs. The price point is very low at around 700K for one-bedroom and 1.0 million for two-bedroom options. The location is close to the RTA metro links, mall and central park, paramount for entrepreneurs and young working professionals who need everything on their doorstep. An investment that maximises rental yield and will be very highly desirable on handover.

The negative is the sizes which will put a lot of middle eastern investors off as they are used to a little more space, but for European and Western investors who are used to this utilisation of compact spaces, they will be fine. There is a show facility of both a one-bedroom and two bedrooms within the Dubai Hills Estate sales center to help with visualisation and for investors to fully understand the space that they can expect.

Collective information

Golfville: Golfville in our opinion was one of the best residential, apartment launches in recent years from Emaar. It has two main points which I don’t think that the market fully gathered on the launch and we were extremely happy with the investments we were able to conclude in this development.

First of all, the location. Dubai Hills Estate is split into many subsections, but fundamentally it has two sides, West and East. West has the park, the mall and the affordable villas and townhouse communities. The east has the championship golf course/clubhouse, Luxury Villas and the street of dreams. Golfville was the first launch of residential apartments on the East side of Dubai Hills Estate. It is going to be sharing neighbours with some of the highest net-worth individuals that live in Dubai. As well as Park views it was the first launch that will have full golf course views for owners and tenants to savour. The location is truly as good as we have seen.

Secondly, the was the first time, Emaar went all-in on the available amenities. I do feel investors had got tired of the same marketing and design of some of the launches Emaar had been doing and more was needed to entice investors into the market. The full project break-down is on the link below which includes a Virtual Reality tour of a two-bedroom apartment in Golfville, but amenities included a Cross-fit gym, yoga center, co-working spaces, library and a fully equipped community hub. As the managing director, entrepreneur myself and just turned 30 this is exactly the kind of property that I would want to live in. I see the vision, it caters to me and my peers and I guarantee it is going to have a queue of people wanting to rent and live here. The family villas, the more quiet locations i have to envisage and put myself in the buyer’s shoes, here I am the target market and the buyer, it ticks every box for people of my age and work/life balance.

A true standout development for myself.

Collective information

Townhouses & Villas

Maple: Maple is the townhouse community and was released in three phases, offering a range of luxury 3-5 bedroom options. Price point and payment plan enabled this project to provide an option for both investors and end users.

Maple was extremely popular and continues to excel now it is in full handover. Investors are renting our units and although the rental yields are not quite as high as expected due to the market generally softening over the construction period Maple is still providing a very nice rental return.

The units themselves are spacious and provide a community and a living experience that families are looking for when deciding where to live. Maple is located on the West side of Dubai Hills Estate with the mall and Dubai Hills Estate park within walking distance. Schools and medical facilities are on hand and the location, in general, provides a safe and rewarding environment to bring up children.

There is still plenty of potential left in the price for capital appreciation, I would advise a mid to long-term strategy, focusing on strong tenant selection and yield over 3-4 year period and then the ability to sell for a profit as the location continues to improve and develop.

Maple information

Sidra: Sidra is the independent villa community. Sidra, in my opinion, is the cornerstone of the community, over 500 villas are located in three different phases with the first phases in handover now. I have been on-site to the units that I have sold and the units are exactly what we expected, spacious, modern and will provide the perfect back-drop for family living.

Sidra sits just above Maple and is a stone’s throw to Dubai Hills Estate Mall, I always felt this aspect was under-valued as there is no other villa community in Dubai that has a mall within walking distance. When you consider the facilities that this will have, cinema, hyper-mall, play areas it is going to provide a leading location for family escapes on the door-step. The infrastructure in the road network has also been meticulously thought out as the main objection was always traffic levels. The traffic enters the mall from the E44 (Al Khail Road on a filter junction and also exits on this route) the flow of traffic never gets to the gated community and by-passes all the internal routes.

If you are looking for a villa community to move to then we would strongly advise a collection viewings on the available Sidra stock.

Sidra information

Golf Place: Located near the golf course, those requiring more space, larger plots and a nice variety of cutting-edge designs and styles we have advised looking at Golf Place. 4 – 6 Bedroom luxury villas, these also act as a very safe investment due to the reasonable price point that has left plenty of room for further growth and appreciation. The location and the size, we would say Golf Place in the mid-long term actually can appreciate more than any other villa project in Dubai Hills Estate.

The variation in designed meant Golf Place did have a sense of end-user and investor interaction in the design. At this mid/high price point, it is important to feel involved in the design process and end up with a property that fits all of your criteria. The floorplans were spacious, had large living areas and there was a collection of plot sizes so you could find the right amount of space you think you and your family require

Golf Place has been a location that we have visited numerous times, I always felt it needed to be the leading area within this community. The vast majority of investors and end-users are never going to end up on the street of dreams in the luxury mansions due to the financials required to purchase. But Golf Place through working hard, investing correctly and perseverance is, in time, a realistic goal for families. The natural progression from Maple – Sidra – Golf Place is a visualisation that many people who live in Dubai have. The fact families have it as a goal to end up there, I wanted it to be stunning and represent these goals and aspirations and it certainly does.

Golf Place set it as a goal one day and make it happen!

Golf Place information

Club Villas: Club Villas for investment and a living opportunity was the most interesting launch Dubai Hills Estate released. The location is on the east side of Dubai Hills estate and lines the golf club practice area and clubhouse. Club Villas offered 3 & 4 bedroom villas that utilised the roof space as it has full views of the Downtown skyline.

The location on the luxury side of Dubai Hills Estate made it unique as the price point of between 3/4 million AED, tied in with a flexible payment plan made it affordable for the majority of families looking for a high-end luxury villa.

There was only a small collection of villas, so when you compare it to Sidra which has over 500 villas it is extremely exclusive when you come to rent and sell the availability pool is extremely small and for this reason, I always placed it slightly higher than Sidra from an internal location and investment perspective.

A very interesting option and our recent visits to the construction site have been very encouraging.

Club Villas information

Fairway & Parkway Vistas: Extremely exclusive 6 and 7 bedroom villas located either on the Dubai Hills 18 hole golf course or on the largest park in the community, guaranteed to have stunning views. Only 65 bespoke luxury villas to be handed over ready to move in as an end to end solution. Offering sprawling living spaces and plots, they are better described as mini-mansions rather than villas.

Fairway & Parkway Vistas information


Dubai Hills Estate offers an end-user option or an investment angle for any investor/family that we have ever worked with. Collective has brought down the entry-level investment to 690K and the higher end goes all the way up to 100 Mil AED. Cutting edge designs, family orientated and financially viable, we invite you to register your interest in Dubai Hills Estate below and allow us to walk you through the project.

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