About Off Plan Dubai

Off Plan Dubai has a passion for the future. Dubai sets no boundaries, holds no limits and creates real tangible market opportunities more regularly than any other real estate market on the planet.

Our Mission

“Our mission for Off Plan Dubai is to provide a complete, stable platform for investors around the world to enter the lucrative Dubai market. We have founding values and work based on integrity and honesty, firmly believing our success is all based on the success of our clients”

Samuel Dawson, Managing Director

Samuel Dawson Off Plan Dubai

Our Core Values

Everything we do at Off Plan Dubai is structured and organised around a set of Core Values. These values provide our clients with a reassurance that everything with do is within their best interests.


Our clients best interests always come first.


Forward thinking in every single aspect of our business.


Secure Escrow Accounts, full assistance in Contracts and Sales Purchase Agreements.


Innovation is how we push forward and bring even more benefits to our clients.


Join a network of other happy and professional investors.


The highest standard of access with the best developers in the world at your finger tips.


We are available to help 24/7 365 days a year.


A UK degree educated team based in Dubai and the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know legally?
Understanding rules, regulations and milestones becomes especially important when you’re purchasing an off-plan property. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Purchase property in a Dubai Land Department approved and registered development project.
  • Payment of DLD registration fees of 4% of the purchase price at the time of purchase.
  • Make sure the Sale Purchase Agreement is signed and stamped by the developer.
  • Until completion, you have to register the property on the Interim Property Register (Oqood).
  • Once registered, the title deed will be issued, laying down the particulars of the purchased property and the sale transaction.
  • Make payments into an Escrow account in the name of the project.
What are the fees involved?
Set fees for an off plan property include:

  • 4% Land Registration fee.
  • Administration fee (Emaar charge 3000 AED) paid into the Oqood Escrow account with the land department fee.
  • The down payment to secure the unit.
Do i need an agent or representative
The sales representatives at the developers are all based on sales, they have after care teams that vary in efficiency but once you have signed the sales representative who you have been dealing with to date will move onto the next client. As they can only sell the one developer product they will always be very biased and although not ethical we have seen instances of miss-information or false promises.

At Off Plan Dubai we assign you a representative who will provide impartial, honest advice based on years of market experience. Understanding market dynamics and being able to talk investment numbers will help you to make the right decision.

We provide our service before, during and after the sale. We can drop off documents, pick up receipts and even book units on your behalf if you are not able to attend. Our Pre-Sale access means 99% of the time your presence, unless you would like to be there, is not a mandatory requirement.

We honestly believe we offer the best honest advice, information and support network in Dubai and would be happy for you to speak to previous clients to confirm this.

Can I finance an off-plan project?
Yes you can but there are some finer details you should be aware of.

Generally, you can only finance the final 50% of an off-plan purchase so if the property value is 5 million AED you would need to have the liquidity of 2.5 million AED over the first 50% of the payment plan, which would generally be around 3 years.

This changes only if the final payment on the payment plan is higher than 50%. So if the payment plan is 30/70 (30% during construction and 70% on handover) as the property is complete the banks will finance the final 70% and offset the mortgage against the ready unit.

Is my unit cheaper without a representative?

The unit price is the same to our clients if you choose to use our assistance or not. The developer reimburses us for our expert advice and this amount varies from project to project.

If any agency or representative tries to charge commission or a one-off fee, we find this extremely unethical. You are entitled to a free consultation and tailored advice and only if you do purchase will the agency receive the fee from the said developer.

How will my investment mature and work?
Off-plan properties hold immense potential in terms of long-term capital appreciation and returns. Before investing, consider your liquidity position to ensure you can make timely payments, and take resale value predictions into account to determine the worth of your property. The maturing market is a safe haven for investors to expect significantly higher gains in the future, compared to what you’ve paid for today.

Why invest in the Dubai property market?

Dubai off-plan projects experience strong capital growth along with high cash flow income. The rental yields are generally far higher than other major cities across the globe. Dubai is regarded as the easiest place in the world to purchase Real Estate. From booking a unit to it being registered in the buyer’s name, this can take as little as 20 minutes. Due to investor demand buying a property is all about preparation and the ability to act quickly when the right units become available.

Medical Facilities

Having world class medical facilities in your development is strong indication of external investment.


Education is crucial, world class schools facilities will impact the appreciation amount for any future sale.


Dubai is an international business hub, a central gateway between West & East.

Sports Facilitites

Lifestyle and fitness is now more important than ever. Most off-plan develolments are built with an active lifestyle in mind.

Work Promoximity

Being close to dense areas of employment will always increase Yields and potential rental pool.

Hotel Buildings

Invest in Hotel Apartments which can offer guaranteed returns and stress free rentals.

Future Business

Foresee the future and be close to airports, expo sites and other leading attractions. The Dubai infastructure is growing.


Chose the perfect family home whilst securing your money in something that will appreciate.